Yuan Shi Dian Medicine (Origin Point Therapy, PT) was founded by Chang Hao Han, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner from Taiwan, when his wife suffered from advanced terminal cancer.

Mr. Chang found seven main sections of the body where pain originated at points along the transverse processes of vertebral spine. Using acupressure with bare hands or elbows on certain acupuncture or meridian points, he searches for the spot of maximal pain, and named it as origin pain point.  This is the spot of “hurt or injured body”, whether direct or referred pain. Thus his concept of ill health is result of “hurt body”, and resultant loss of body heat (perpetual “coldness”, overt or covert, instead of “heat” and “cold” in TCM). Due to activities since birth, we “hurt” our body through uses and abuses, and this “hurts” manifest as tender or stiffened knots at various meridian points along the vertebrae. The therapists’ job is to search and discover these “hurt” loci in his routine massage, from head to feet. Adequate pressure and rubbing is then applied to the “hurt” spot until the tenderness dissipates, and the practitioner can feel the appearance and disappearance of these tender knots or strained or tired tendons, fascia, ligaments or muscles. Repeated massage will heal and recovery is ensured. Thereafter, heat is provided to aid recovery, with oven-heated red beans bags, electric blankets or hot concentrated ginger drink. Each massage usually last about 20 min, and the physical after heat may take 45 mins or longer. The procedure is repeated as routine few times a week.

I find the concept of “hurt body” is not difficult to comprehend, even though there is no concrete evidence to show that all illnesses manifested in these tender spots as causal. The “hurt” body refers only to the physical body. He referred the mind factors, including psycho-emotional factors as conditional, instead of causal. Clients usually experienced fast relief of their symptoms, though not completely, but they relapsed and recurred, and no explanations were given.  Again his “coldness” concept differs even from TCM, and appears more personal than objective. His critique on Western orthodoxy and TCM are more of his spouse bad experiences in these hands. This gives the impression that his writings are part of his grieving processes, which he has yet to heal himself. To deny the benefits of vaccination and pharmacology completely is simply not wise. PT lacks a scientific methodology to be really called a new Medicine. Nevertheless, we need to give credit to the man who has found an alternative therapy when both orthodoxy and TCM run out of effective healing or curative regime.  I write more as a recipient or beneficiary of his PT for joint pains. It has yet to cure, but has provided partial but significant pain relief without the need for medication. It is much better than a lot of massage and stretching exercises I have personally tried.  We must thank the man for giving and sharing his discovery free of charge. In the centre I went, the practitioner charged Rm30 per visit, all inclusive, including Wi-Fi.

To be continued



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