Visited a neighbourhood barber to have my ear wax (cerumen) removed; the experience ispired me to compose this poem:



Pain and pleasure: tango and tangle,

across time, engage in endless battle.

Interconnected, dance life after life,

Tragic-comic pair: share, rife and strife.

Interrupt the run, relief between break,

Enjoy blissful brake, fun to keep awake.

The choice is in the interval you make,

Suspense in earache is value handshake.

 Ceruman (ear wax) removal is professionally and medically done by an otolarygngologist  (ENT specialist).  Though a doctor, I prefer to have it done by our local barber. It’s a dying trade now and not too many of such skilled barbers left. It cost only Rm 7. The barbers usually use dipped the cotton buds into diluted hydrogen peroxide to irrigate or wet slightly, for removal of impacted wax.  Less than 6% of people has impacted wax problem, resulting in conductive hearing loss and infection.

There is a slight pain and itch in the procedure. However the interval between the scrapping provides some relief. It hold one in intermittent suspense, with the expectation and relief. In that interval, I feel life has a choice between pleasure and pain, beyond mere relief. The interruption and brakes provides an “aha” experience.

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