In Chinese gastronomy we don’t have Michelin star restaurant, as taste buds varies even among the Chinese, and the distance taken to travel was never any obstacle for food fans. We have some eight main provincial cuisines, with Cantonese as the most favoured and flavoured. Chinese mix social and familial functions with gastronomic delight and appreciation. To sit down together in a round table for dine and wine among  family members and friends are considered blessed occasions. This is especially valued on Chinese New Year Eve dinner, and red packets (cash) are exchanged or offered. This is partly the reason why Chinese are never colonialists, for whenever they settle, home-coming are strong sentiments. Gradually the traditional thinking is being replaced by those who adopted western culture. In my recent trip to Singapore, my sister and her spouse (teochew) invited me for a Teochew feast; they are famous for their braised soya duck. It was an excellent meal. The duck meat and intestines were juicy, but the webs were not at par, for it was too small and the cooking was not long enough to render them soft. The steamed fish, Teochew style, with salted vegetable, sour melon, tomatoes, and good stock soup, was the best of the day.

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