Walk passes a bridge mirror,

reflection shows imagined other.

A small gap captures the eyes,

the divided self rises in guise.

Shoot self-portrait with long digital,

The composite time-images baffle.

A small shift to either left or right,

split overlaps or two selves in sight.

Look and the divine will find,

Self is lost: real or unreal in mind.

Where the real self is, who is to wonder,

self, non self and selfie have no bearer.

The cosmic Tao is indivisible,

divisible shadows are visible as dual.

How one see is not what seductions look,

world is a big screen in a changing book.

NB I did not use a long extended digital for a selfie, but many in the crowd did that, and could be a hindrance to others. By casually walking pass the mirror, the image inspire me to compose this visual poem.





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