Fingering my mistress in a bumpy ride,

The currency and shares take a slide.

She is on and again hot,

Off I am and cold in thought.

The future is not for us to plan,

Live as best as we can.

Que Sera Sera,

What will be, will be.

This poem is easy read for Malaysians, I hope. It is written in the bus.

Que Sera Sera: is Spanish/Italian, meaning: OK, it is your destiny or fate. In Chinese the word, Ming, is written with three radicals, starting from top to bottom, meaning the first thing in life is to kow tow (bow) to your destiny. Or the first thing in life is to obey commandments (kou lin). Of course Chinese do not have a fixed view on destiny, but that’s the prime thing out of four other factors in life, viz. destiny, opportunity at right time, geomancy and location, merits and connection, and personal knowledge and capability. These five factors play supporting and dynamic roles. Destiny is to show that at times, despite the best of everything, one cannot succeed at all, and has to accept the status quo. This is to prevent resentment to others and society.

3 thoughts on “QUE SERA SERA : NEW POEM

  1. Michiko

    Thank you for send me Ian! I still remember Out back Australia I love to going to the opal mining town in one day? I will be back to read your new one!

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      I attended two hours of poetry café at Montsalval Arts Festival, and met three poets in the small gathering. I gave my book to one senior sitting next to me. I shall be sending five copies, via a friend, to Lella of AALITRA.


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