Downshift, not thrift, to a new place;

A year to move again, what a chase!

Choice of choices, the coordinates evolve and change;

Destiny and luck interpolate the exchanges so strange.

The attempted break-in, the insecurity many people face.

Overstayed, though rental paid, time to move out in grace.

Pension fund and meagre earnings dwindle by scandals;

Bloody bloated leeches quarrel over dazzling decimals.

Red vanguards beat their tribal drums to stay on stage;

Pull down the tainted soul, the nation in risk of rampage.

The haze of hopelessness darkens the putrid landscape;

Trapped bad air, rounds of rain and wind, to seek escape.

Look south to explore a fair, just and meritorious society;

Without level playground, stallions emerge among donkeys.


I compose this poem while travelling in the bus, and polish it on reaching Singapore.

Friends are concerned my absence from the blog for two weeks. We have been busy packing, shifting, unpacking, giving, decluttering lots of books and  memorabilia. Indeed very busy for my wife, who did most of the work. During this time, Malaysia suffered the worst haze in history, and is yet to be over. Plus we witness the worst scandals and corruption in history.



4 thoughts on “ON THE MOVE

  1. aussieian2011

    I wondered where you had gone my friend, now I understand, your words paint a very dismal ominous picture of your world at the moment.
    Changes are taking place all throughout the Globe, some serious ones that are bringing Humanity to it’s knees.
    Keep smiling my friend, worse comes to worse I am sure Australia could find a place for a learned Gentleman such as yourself.
    Kind regards.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      My friend, corruption, scandals, sliding exchange rate, inflation, racialism, insecurity etc etc are rampant in this country. As a writer and poet, I could take up my pen as a weapon to narrate the events. Yet poetry is dying; not many readers, even among the English Dept. of our universities, unless you are well connected. Yet the genre and writing kept me smiling and alive.

      1. Kan

        Living in this country makes many bi-polar.We have high and lows.At times it’s like a pandora’s box and at times a treasure chest.It’s an environment that writers and poets thrive -deciphering,interpreting and living the chatter of change.

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