Today I just cross 70 years. At this age, friends are curious about my Bucket List, which basically meant unfulfilled wishes or desire. I compose this new poem in response. (I have written one on Bucket List printed in my first book)


Friends insist I show my bucket list;

Exists not, but give a different twist.

Long unfulfilled wishes, too late to fill;

Choice not always free, desire not still.

Regret, past selves cannot be undone;

Not created perfect, pun of living is fun.

The Dao is how you insert your marks;

Name and grammar provide the sparks.

The flow, not the list, is how best we live;

Procrastinate, time and body, not forgive.

When wants and needs are poured to the brim;

Wine has no space to swirl for oxygenated hymn.

Line 7 & 8 refers to Dao De Jing


  1. Kan

    Mark Twain is right.East and West – never will the twain meet.Comparative philosophy is interesting but there are not many books on this subject.Can you recommend ?

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Kan, You are both right and wrong. I find my understanding of western psychology, philosophy , academia etc have helped to understand Chinese Classic and Zen better. Contrariwise, Chinese classics have helped to understand Western literary theories in different light. In this poem, there is a mix of both eastern and western. Malaysian Literature in English must reflect both East and West. The first two chapters of Dao De Jing is dialectics.


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