Swindle, swindle, shining star:

Epidemic of cheating is so bizarre.

Up above the sky so high;

Steal the coffers until dry.

How we wonder leaders get away;

With the creative stories, pray and play.


Swindle, swindle, flies and lies are everywhere;

Humbugs from same shit pits, do deserve share.

When checks and balance are all gone;

Religion and charity run by frauds and cons.

Honest citizens must show their might and right;

Twinkle, twinkle will then ignite and shine bright.



Secondary schools in Malaysia are now taught “Children Nursery Rhyme”, for the standard of English has fallen drastically. A teacher and her students bought 60 copies of my second book, as a tool for teaching English. They found my poem (Humpty Dumpty in my second poetry book) easy to understand and amusing. In response to them, this poem, based on “Twinkle, twinkle little star” is dedicated to them.



  1. Kan

    Doc, I have one in similar vein-
    Dashing tru the banks, in one open scam
    Robbing us all night and day
    In a merry way.
    Jingle bells, cheating pals
    Cheating all the way, Oh what fun
    Is to ride, people all the way…

    # with emphasis on ‘ one’.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thanks Kan. There is so much fun in poetry. You get the message thru without too many words. In a way Haiku, with 17 syllabus, do best, but it needs a modern twist, more Zen; rid of seasonal change, substitute with events, people, nature and relationship.

  2. Kan

    That twister may be a ‘ senryu’. It’s used to discuss human nature,make political commentaries and impart satiric humour.That’s why google says…


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