Attend to patients at a charity clinic;

Clasp both palms in gesture symbolic.

The suffered show appreciation for favour;

Open hearts play between receiver and giver.

Express and feel gratitude for all kind deed;

Ingratitude, strong traitor’s arms take heed.

Anger and entitlement, are poisons that kill;

Petty attitude are bitter pills, personhood ill.


This morning I run a charity clinic (Tzu Chi International Foundation), and see  twenty over patients, mostly poor Indians in the neighbourhood. I have retired for year and half, and spend half the time doing grand parenting in Singapore. On my return I spend time with other family members, and some friends. Recently I am surprised to meet a young unfriendly doctor and her ill will inspire me to compose this poem. In a falling  society, everything crumble, including morality of its citizens, the highly educated and young are not exempted from such decay.


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