Any career one wishes to pursue;

Right attitude is the first to imbue.

Without that spark, talks are dreams in dark.

Compassion, empathy are just empty remark.

Without caring the wound, help is suspect;

Without touching hearts, care can’t connect.

Skills and communication, gloves in good hands;

Balanced minds are adeniums that blossom in sands.

Money, prestige, not fair with effort and time spent;

Rewards, fulfillments have their shares, no lament.

If regret the path chosen, free to make quick retreat;

When bridge crossed, remove not the planks with deceit.




A doctor from the Philippines requests that I compose a poem for his/her medical students. I hope the same poem will help medical students in Malaysia and Singapore.





2 thoughts on “MEDICAL STUDENTS

  1. Kan

    “Is it true that Vets don’t keep pets at home?” I asked my Vet classmate.Another person said “Vets don’t necessarily need to love animals”. In this light I wish to ask “What is the essence of being a doctor?”

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Vets and Pet owners may not love animals. There are doctors who may not like or love people. I think the essence is attending. It is easy to say that, but not easy to do it, without being overwhelmed. That’s why right balance (skill and humanity, family and work etc) is important. That “right” is an art that needs adjustment all the time; not always easy to tune. Maybe other doctors have more to say.


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