This innocence is so brilliant, don’t make us all cry;

Appoint a learned guy, he will know how best to lie.

You may not believe the verdict,

Found not guilty, wise handpicked.

Democracy is a football game;

Blame rules, not a shame to frame.

Praise the man who finds a princely donor;

In such time, only a genius meets a savior.

In a virtual world, truth is not a virtue;

Money and muscles move moral value.

All these tricks are from his foxy mentor;

Vultures kill one another in greedy culture.

Citizens cannot change anything at all;

At end of brawl, all nonsense will fall.



I compose this poem after reading the verdict in the web about the massive donation.

2 thoughts on “INNOCENCE

  1. Kan

    He is so clean
    Says his personal jin
    Bathed in waters of corruption
    Anointed in grease and slime.
    With powerful scents of the backdoor
    From the ship of the desert.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Kan, Your description reminded me of “Orang Minyak” (criminal coated his body with slippery oily tar) movies. They raped, and too slippery to catch.


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