Recently I visited Singapore Art Gallery, located at the old court house building. Very impressive artistic architecture. I took some pictures of the interior. The top floor of the building, with a pool, has artistic view and function. It has a bar and restaurant and provides a good view of Marina Bay and Padang outside.

We were told it would normally take two days to cover all. We were not normal, for we completed our journey in half an afternoon. The entrance fee was not cheap: S$15 for foreign senior citizens. Australia does not discriminate senior citizens from foreign lands; something for rich Singapore to emulate.

It is the Year of Monkeys. (Picture was taken at Changi Airport). Our country are currently full of monkeys. The first door we entered was show of Malaysian Arts and Artists. What was striking was the chair exhibit. I brought one to Singapore for my daughter to place at her front entrance; easier for me to wear my socks and tied my laces. She reckoned it was too ugly and discarded it. I am not certain whether it’s the same exhibit. Anyway I still possess another such chair in my rented terrace, serving the same function. If one looked at that chair, one would miss the point. The fact has no appearance in Malaysian fiction especially when flow charts go round and round, until you are spell bound. We have artistic and literary talent; the way we told and retold tales of money flow. The gallery is worthy of visit, though it is not as big as the Singaporeans like to imagine.


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