The bus gallops all the way;

Journey jolts for half a day.

The sun penetrates the curtain;

Pray for longer eclipse in heaven.

My guts churn, the world in dizzy spell;

Head swells, tumble from paradise to hell.

In my misery, a lone fly perches on my face;

Sweaty place, it races to find better grace.

With all the jerks, the prostates provoke to dance;

Breathing in and out, I pray for another dry chance.

Arrive at the Rest House just in time: peace prevails;

Guard against whispering tall tales, when old body fails.

Recall my last journey, a damsel demands senior to queue;

Line-up, she insists, but ignorant that truth has other views.



I compose this poem while travelling by bus, from Subang Jaya to Singapore.





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