We were invited by my sister and brother in law for lunch at Mitzo. The restaurant was at Level 4 of Grand Park Orchard, not an impressive hotel from the outside, but it is centrally located. The décor was over infused with reflective materials, and not too pleasing for the eyes on prolonged gaze. Despite its cost, it was crowded on our arrival. The waitors/waitress were friendly, especially Ken Lim who recommended some good dishes to us. Food was indeed excellent, included the art of display and the balance of natural colours in their cuisine. Our group has two pairs, so we ordered two fixed menu and ala carte. The bill was  very satiating and satisfying, at a fair cost of S 250, with no alcohol at all. I don’t think the sweet fruity cocktail will match Chinese meals;  Chinese tea is still the best.

Soup was abalone and mushrooms and chicken pieces,an ordinary starter in any high ended Chinese restaurant. Soft crab with curry was appetising. Noodle with king prawn was good. What was excellent are the ala carte orders. The steam dim sum were the best, and were worthy of another visit, maybe a buffet. The duck was exquisitely cooked, with very crispy skin, tender juicy meat, and truffe sauce that twinkled the eyes. Roast and BBQ pork were good.

Go for brunch buffet, for the Dim Sum, duck and other dishes to explore.




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