(Translated by  Dr. LIM Keng Huat)


On the peak of the summit, I stand;

Gaze the billows of the Yellow River on land.

To the south east, it gushes;

In golden oscillations, it surges.

With raging vitality, the tides splash to a lofty rise;

The turbidity of the current reverberates to the skies.

Its meandering forms a nine bend chain;

From the Kunlun Mountains, river drains down the plain.

Flows toward the banks of the Yellow Sea, the gushes;

Proceed to split the central plain into north and south deltas.


To the Yellow River, hurray!

Cradle of Chinese civilization, the icon stay.

Five centuries of ancient culture, starts

Your birth originates down history charts.

Countless heroic tales are narrated,

And on your banks, these acts are enacted.


To the Yellow River, hurray!

Really great, and fortitude is your forte.

You are liked a colossus.

On Asiatic plains, you appear with awesomeness.

With heroic physical prowess, a bulwark, you create

And build a natural and national barrier, so great.


To the Yellow River, hurray!

From a high peak, voluminously, you pour away.

In mighty vast wave toward both banks, you brave,

Extend a thousand arms, like strong iron rods, you save.


Our great national spirit will in future,

Grow and develop under your nurture.

Heroes and heroines of our nation:

Will take you as their role models,

Defend with great determination, a bastion.



We pay a Travel Agency to organise for us  a small customised tour of Henan and Xian, known as the Cradle of Chinese civilization. April is also the flowering season for peony in Luoyang. Our first stop, after the flight, will be a visit to The Yellow River (Huang He), the mother river of China. Some members of my group (12 people ) are English educated, like me. I have translated this poem into English mainly for my own understanding and reading pleasure. You may visit the u tube to tune it The Yellow River Concerto.






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