Our group consists of 12 people only; the numbers dwindle on final confirmation date. There are many fickle minded people. We are all determined to travel even without a Malaysian guide.  We assembled punctually at KLIA 1 and took a 9.40 am flight to Zhengzhou via Guangzhou by Southern Airline.  The connecting flight was smooth despite the vastness of Bai Yun Airport. Food, drink and wine in the Air were poor, but the services were courteous. A bowl of beef noodle cost RMB 100, and a cup of coffee cost RMB 50; the latter was sponsored by Desmond, our local travel agent. We were each given a multiple purpose adapter which was very handy for China travel.

We arrived at Zhengzhou Xin Zheng International Airport before 6.35 pm. The Airport was huge. After Immigration, we rode on electric cart, free services, to transport us from International to local gates. On arrival at Zhengzhou,  we were greeted, at the exit, by our China Guide, a very friendly and knowledgeable lady in her late 30’s or early 40’s. My first impression of Zhengzhou was the haze around the airport; the city was polluted by coal, traffic, dust and industrial emission, but we could see remediable environmental control. Mobile water sprinklers were commonly seen; hardly a clean automobile was seen. Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province; with a population of more than 1.2 million in the capital and the province with 100 million people. Wide avenues lined the streets with gardens, abundant trees, old and new buildings. Though the distance was only 25 km away from the city, our bus (meant for 20 people) took an hour to reach our restaurant. The first meal, more than twelve courses, with local beer, was fairly good. After dine we were driven to our Hotel, Wuzhou, rated five star locally. The rooms were fairly good and comfortable, except no air-conditioned and no porter services in this part of China. The room allocation was pre-planned. It was too late and we were too tired to roam the city at the late hour. Breakfast was served at 7 am, with a wide choice of both Eastern and Western food; the quality was good, except the over sweetened coffee.  




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