Our tour started from Zhenzhou, then north to Yellow river, and east to Anyang, took a big loop and then travelled down south to Luoyang, the capital of 13 dynasties in China. After breakfast we drove half an hour to Long Men (Dragon Date) Grottoes, another UNESCO Heritage Site. The site was situated by the Yu River. Long Men represented the highest stone carving and artistic creativity of Northern Wei and early Tang dynasties. It was recorded to have 100,000 statues and 2345 caves, each with statue and other iconographies.  However, many of these statues were destroyed, with the stone Buddha  beheaded; vandalism and theft were rampant. The Japanese had looted a lot during their war of aggression; many of the Europeans and USA museums displayed arts stolen from China (New York and Kansas, for instance. It was ironical that these democracies were ignorant of intellectual and property rights then, and even now, for they had yet to return them to China.


The child shown above found a nice comfortable place to meditate.

On the subjected on Beheaded, Kuan Yu, during the Three Kingdoms, was betrayed and beheaded by his enemy, Sun Chen, and his head was presented to Cao Cao; the laater had great veneration for his friend in the opposite camp. He hold a ritual to have a mystified body; he was posthumously promoted to the royal rank, then as a deity, a saint and ultimately as a godly figure for righteousness.



  1. aussieian2011

    Your posts are excellent, not only informative, but a visual record of a magnificent past, unfortunately with technology, man still has not progressed to the extent, that they do not comprehend the need for stolen art to be returned to it’s rightful owner.
    I do blame the Western democratic country’s for this negligence, it is not done through ignorance but through ownership Greed.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Art has been so highly priced that theft and greed become so common. There are still chances that these properties may be return on goodwill.


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