We had a very comfortable stay at Yazhi Dongfang Hotel, at Lingbao. It’s a hotel located in the compound of Beijing University, branch campus, offering Management and Admin. courses. We visited one of its lecture halls, and found the students’ names were attached to their desk; they were all CEOs. The breakfast was excellent, with good coffee. The residential areas around the university were among the best seen so far; it took an hour of bus drive to reach Xian city, Shaanxi province, with a population of at least 10 million.

Xian, also known as Chong An (meaning eternal peace), was home for Zhou and three other great ancient dynasties, namely Qin, Han and Tang; and was the starting point for the old Silk Road. Westerners like to visit this great city, for the Terracotta Army of Xin Shi Huang, the first Chinese Emperor. The best time to visit this place might be September, when the tourism art and cultural festivals began and lasted a week. Xian was also the first city to open to Muslims, and had about 50,000 Hui ethnic group. The Jews also settled here early, and mingled with the population well. The civilization was very accommodating and a great melting pot for all cultures. If not for China, Buddhism would have perished, let alone flourished, in the land of its birth. Same with western democracies, socialism and communism – all would enriched the flavor of the broth in the pot. The West have been reluctant to accept that, ignoring the fact that when the Empire were at their respective dynastic Epoch, many of these countries did not even exist, including USA. The west and those who were educated by them, talked much about human rights, unaware the Chinese had their own rites. It would taken a generation or two of young Chinese to be re-educated in their own  proud culture, that was probably President Xi’s dream of Ta Tong (Great Connection).

President Clinton was there, and down into the pit. (Pit 1 or 3) to take pictures with Terracotta. Had Obama been there, he might have tugged a figure for selfie. I was uncertain whether these armies were “imitations”, for the figurine were discoloured on immediate exposure to air, and many were damaged in the process of unearthing them. The whole of Qin Emperor’s burial site had been found, and the area was so immensely huge. Only in China, they could move the whole residents and their properties elsewhere, without causing social unrest or revolt. Democracies could go crazy on such huge projects, and the Chinese did not find enough merit to imitate the West. (I think all land in China belong to the State ultimately.)


    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Yes, provided there are female statues and Michelle not around. Better chance if Cameron was there.Not sure whether he (C) paid tax for his I phone.


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