With one somersault, ride on and chase the clouds;

In an instant, fly to the poles, nothing to be proud.

Envy not the monkey god, the head band forced to wear;

Controlled by chants, rebellious spirit, scare, and not dare.

Zhuangzi’s hyperbole in virtual, cross time and culture zones;

Lived humbly, challenged hypocrites, his wit matched the bones.

Confucius on social order and hierarchy, disappointment till end;

The adages were ideals, easy for the lofty, but against human trend.

Laozi saddled backwards on his bull, aware it’s a world full of ambition.

Legalists ruled with rewards and punishments, governance by suppression.

Dynasties rise and fall, golden eras and miseries, the civilization prospered;

Democracies and militarism came, not savior, land was raped and plundered.

Thought they found idealism in communism, that bear was unbearable to hug;

Drug after drug they experimented, it was bitter medicine, old thoughts unplug.

To achieve their Dream Society, solutions, however mad, are never in the box;

Even in dreams, exercise their muscles; be alert to avoid castration by hawks.

Many ancient civilizations have perished; you almost share the same ultimate fate;

Dreams and dreamers live in illusion; their delusion cause nightmares or terror state.



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