Lots of traditional food sold in both Malaysia and Singapore would soon perished. In Malaysia we allowed many foreigners to cook, but their culinary and hygiene skills were not parallel to the locals. In Singapore, many old folks were still personally involved, but the skills would soon died with them. Many of these food were fairly cheap in hawkers’ market in Singapore, compared with Malaysia, if there’s no conversion of currency. Singaporeans were quite obsessive in queue, two or more hours were not uncommon in the popular, but not necessarily the best, stores. They were not learned in taking numbers; or reinvented ways to let senior citizens sit, instead of stand. Perhaps they thought that was fair; definitely yes to the young ones. Yet in MRT, the young hardly give seats to senior citizens, even though the words and pictures were displayed. They dosed off or busy with their digitals. The youth in Malaysia, the Malays especially, were more polite in this aspect, even though their English were not Queen’s. Meritocratic education might not always produce meritorious results, but could Singaporeans learned that rules could sometimes be bent a little to achieve merit. A difficult task if their education were more western than eastern; balance would be fine in age of modernity.

(Oral permission for these photos were obtained from these vendors. Though their business were good, but they also knew about media information.) I like the last picture, the contrast of old buildings and impressive design of HDB apartments.


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