1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thanks Emu for the comment . Just for fun, yours it’s a 5/6/4 haiku; if you wish to follow 5/7/5/ format, may I suggest: singing in the rain/ Gene Kelly sweet memories/dance, love and romance. I will reply to you in 5/7/5/ format.

      1. The Emu

        Thanks mate, I didn’t know there was a format, please explain as Haiku is new to me, now what you wrote there looks like four words per line in three lines, 4x4x4, so how did mine become 5/6/4, which means to me, 5 words first line, 6 words second line and 4 words last line, bear with me mate as I learn

      2. wonkywizard Post author

        haiku’s format is based on three lines: 5/7/5 are syllables (Japanese: use vowel sounds) per line, not words. The middle line pulls the first and last into a coherent whole. Not all haiku writers are strict on that format. It is also new to me, learning from the web and an introductory book.

      3. wonkywizard Post author

        identity is one word, but has four syllables. The traditional Japanese haiku writes about seasons (only four) and nature. Senryu is more on social commentaries.Thou I keep the format, I attempt to cover wider range of topics in daily lives. U and Kan provides the prompts or ideas for topics. Thanks.

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