1. wonkywizard Post author

      Confusing and changing roles of master and puppets; they often merged. Who is pulling the strings? We are viewing in front, not at the back. In a digital world, there is always an unseen screen. I see respond to you in haiku to haiku. Thank you.

  1. Kan

    The framework and stage of the ‘wayang’ is already set. Enter a new puppet master and rag-tag team of ‘kulits’.A new show with same old appreciative audience.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Kan, many people just watch the front screen. In any drama, the back stage, text and sub text are as important. The bull and the puppet, and those who take turn to pull the strings. In the flickering light, it is hard to see clearly. The wetner is leading his flock to the slaughter house; the price for non thinking sheep. Yet many well meaning friends commented that I wasted my time writing things they do not understand at all, not even the plain English. They fail to understand that creativity come uninvited, and I do not write for the market. One wonders what education is all about – finding a job for the market or to bring about a different consciousness.

  2. Kan

    epiphany and catharsis, the joys of drinking wine with the moon as a companion are often clueless to many.Poems appeal to a higher consciousness and I hope not be called a snob.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      I have read many other poets. I keep reading them until I understand them, or do some search, or come to read them on another occasion. In a modern quick fix world, that patience is lost.


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