We went to Corner House, for Les Amis was fully booked, even for a weekday lunch. It was my first visit there, not for my daughter and wife. Fancy a restaurant in an old colonial 1910 bungalow, located in some obscure corner of Singapore Botanical Garden. The service was good, for there was a cart to fetch us at the entrance of the Garden, only to realize it was a mere five minute walk.

A couple of pretty lasses greeting us at the door. The restaurant was in the hall and verandah of the upper floor, overlooking this majestic garden. The décor was elegant, but not lavish. Ambience was cosy , and we settled down in comfort fast. The waiters were friendly and professional enough. The menu was simple: only two set choices; we chose a more humble set for our small appetite.

It was good to enter the restaurant without reading any review or knowledge about it. The three course meal was indeed excellent. We commented that it was comparable to Les Amis. Later we found out that the owner and chef Tan had worked in Les Amis. Robucion and a few prestige names. It was designated a Michelin star; that guide had been used for gastronomy domain only, from hawkers to the privileged.

Chef Tan was remarkable in creating not only fine cuisine, gastronomic wise, but also fine food art and colour, in balancing citruses, fine delicate food with the soft meaty dishes. The pork dish was excellent, Hungarian Mangalica pig, with a leaf or two of Australian Ice vegetables, and the steak was Grade 5 Australian wagyu, juicy and soft cut. It was lunch; no wine or whisky to par with the dishes. The desserts were too sweet for me, but I still consumed my portion.







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