Westerners talked about Michelin stars when fine dine was mentioned. Initially it was a travellers’ guide on geographical distance, but now it had taken a new meaning, the more stars the better, with a dash of snobbishness. Chinese talk about provincial dishes and cuisine. Every place has its own speciality. Teochew (Chaozhou) is located in the eastern part of Guangzhou. Provincial dishes in Malaysia are often modified and has own distinctiveness.

Jia Xiang means home; imply it’s home cooking. The chef cum owner are from my home fishing island. Pulau Ketam (crab island).Every small restaurant has its own speciality, usually 2-3 dishes, that are worthy of visit. This restaurant is very crowded, it’s good for few local favourites and price are relatively cheap. I was invited by my cousin and his charming wife last night to feast there.

The first picture is fried “see-ting” (fish). You need some skill to fry this fish, otherwise the whole fish will just disappear in the oil. She add some starch, but I have yet to ask her to share her secret. The second picture is fish porridge, very fresh catch, good with some clans, prawns or crabs added; but we have it plain with fish only. Baked clam is simple and excellent, some added Chinese wine, but she gives the original taste. Three layer pork is excellent fry with onions and chilli. It matches well with whisky, esp the fried fish and meat. We added a vegetable dish, and the dinner for five cost a little less than Rm 100. (US $ 25).Her braised soya duck was said to be excellent, and had to be pre-ordered.




  1. aussieian2011

    What an interesting delicious post my friend, my imagination goes wild in thinking your Crab Island must be renowned for its beautiful abundant and delicious crabs. Your see-ting fish must be small to disappear into the oil if overcooked, but it does look appetizing.


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