We paid S 450 for our night’s rental for all. We then drove towards Suncheon Bay to our next destination, Naganeupseong Folk Village.  Time stayed still from 1300 years ago, but not quite so, for there were still some 100 families (more than 200 people) staying in this cramped ancient folk village.  We were often signalled not to enter; strange that UNESCO would allow modern intrusion with cars and modern kitchen, without plumbing into a Heritage site! This was one of the last remaining 330 old castle fortresses. The attraction was the straw thatched roof houses that could withstand the weight of show and wind. We could walk on the elevated castle wall and peeped into those occupied houses without pretence. There was a monument of the General guarding the entrance. There were supposed to be ancient pottery kiln, blacksmith, silk farming weaving, prisons, empty lotus pond and a modern theatre for folk dances. There was a hut and well, where the Korean movie was filmed. However, these activities were not there at all, and one wonder about the meaning of Cultural Heritage. We should ask for part refund of our Entrance ticket.


We see vast stretches of verdant hills, padi fields, clear blue sky , clean streets (despite relative lack of dustbins), and fairly clean toilets.

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