Lined on both sides by tall evergreen scented pine;

Ray of light shines, ascend the slope of nature’s shrine.

Terraces of well- trimmed shrubs captivate the eyes;

Refreshing smell of green tea, hearts fly to the skies.

Verdant carpets roll and tumble beyond the horizon;

Vista of serpentine track and valleys exudes elation.

Beyond the fence, in peace, a green dome tomb rest;

A shroud of mist, the backdrop movies, film all best.

Millions of visitors, all over the world, come to admire.

With feeling of love, even the ambitious lost their desire.

Sat on the bench by the bonsai, hold my breath in delight;

Waiting for my love to come, there is poetic fire to ignite.

Inspired by tranquillity, the cedar, grow straight and tall;

When life hits the wall, sip tea, and listen to nature’s call.


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