It was a hot afternoon; too warm to climb Boriam Temple. We requested to rest in a nearby Pine Forest Park  (maybe a hundred trees there) with a majestic beach. We were not certain of the name of the beach ( ?Sangiu Silver Sand Beach), for there are quite a few in the vicinities. It’s a circular beach, with velvety white sand, sloping gradually towards the water. Not many swimmers seen.  A few paid a small sum with a 20 min sand bike ride, and we could share within the time. It was very cool and breezy to sit under the pine with either coffee with beer.


The green telephone booth appeared to be a library; all in Korean. The green porridge was abalone; the next dish was mixed seafood. For the whole 12 Day travel, we consumed only Korean food, or food in Korean restaurant. The Korean Kim Chi introduced a lot of green leaves, such as sesame leaves, wrapped with meat,  onions, chilli and sauce, they offered distinctive taste.


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