Namehae Island was about 70 km from Boseong Tea Plantation; about 5 hours drive from Seoul. The island appeared to be two unequal adjoined kidneys, connected to the mainland by a high suspension bridge, with a length of 660 m. In Korea there are many small islands, sometimes these tiny dots were joined to the bigger ones in low tide, and we missed our opportunity to walk across one. Despite small in size, about 138 sq m, it has a coastline of 302 km; it’s a beautiful drive, with seas, pine, beaches, paddy fields. The population here had reduced by almost a third, with only 55,ooo people, probably due to limited employment for the young. We reached there in the evening and most of the restaurants were closed. We were lucky to find a BBQ opened, and had our best first Korean meal, which was cheap, compared with Jeju and Seoul. After dinner, we bought some eggs and butter for our breakfast the following day. We then check-in to our accommodation; which we stayed for two nights.


There were only five such odd looking blocks, perched on a high slope, along the pretty coastline. The owner lived in the first block. There were comfortable, with all modern facilities, better than a three stars hotel. It’s location were not far from our next destination, Gancheon Daraggi Village., terraced (108 steps in all) rice fields by the coast, spectacular views. Unfortunately the paddy were almost all harvested, given us a barren look, but compensated the views nearby would be harvested in November.


I was ploughing the land with the bull; the huge penile erectile rock ( Amsu Rock) and a large birthing  vagina, producing many lesser rocks. You were connected by the free WIFI in this UNESCO site. The Koreans produce sufficient good grain for their own consumption, but its population is still small by comparison.





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