For anyone who have studied Chinese Classic, that was clearly taken from Yi Jing (The book Of Change; same with Korean National Flag), a cultural borrowing. It began to drizzle, we then got into our rented taxi before the downpour. The forecasted weather was intermittent rain for the next few days. The best for us was to visit indoor museums. We went to O-sulloc Tea Museum.  It was crowded, for the same shelter reasons.

Pictures of fine tea set and tea latte, excess milk stole the fragrace of tea away.


I ordered three set of Green Tea, and a piece of Green Tea creamy cake at a cost of Rm110 (US 26 at time of conversion).It was strong aroma, flavour par excellence. A stop watch to time the hot water at 1.5 min soaked, then filtered out into larger cup.

I included a name card of our taxi driver, for his excellent services. He charged us 200,000 won (half of what we paid at Daegu) per day for two taxi per day. In  rain or drizzle, he sheltered each one of us with his large umbrella; tugged my grand son into his rain coat. He heated up the car when we entered, turned on Chinese or Western music or songs; and waited for us all the time; advices where to go in such weather.  I tipped him 50,000 won for his friendliness. In our trip we had tasted almost twenty different kinds of Korean cuisine; not counting the side dishes (banchan)


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