My Korean driver confided to me that Chinese tourists were very noisy people. I agreed, but replied to him that in my recent trip to China, the same comment was made by the Chinese against the Koreans. We were all very noisy people in our own group. Just walked in to an Australian or UK pub; it would be strange that it would be as quiet as a church mouse. Of course not, unless they were all drunk by their excellent beer.

It was a  cool morning; the sun was partly hidden by the clouds. It was easy to climb the peak at 182 m height; very steep in some parts, but not a difficult climb with the steps. The descent was much easier with good wooden staircases. My three year plus grand son was in front; and asked why I was so slow, and called me an old man. In the past, he would be slapped, but values had changed. This was another UNESCO site. The tuff cone crater was formed some 100,000 years ago by volcanic eruptions. At the summit, the crater was a green bowl of grassland, somehow the grandeur view from the sky was missed. The lesson to be learned was not to look at your sweet heart from near; distance makes the heart fonder. The last iconic image was taken from the signboard.

There was no sunrise at the peak. We were given enough grace time to ascend and descend. It started to drizzle. We could not wait 2 hrs for the Haenyo Divers (mermaid drivers ) to perform. Frankly they were too old to earn such living, diving some 20 m into the sea with primitive gears and equipment to gather abalone, clams, seaweed for buying tourists.


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