New of Typhoon Chaba (a category 5 with wind speed of around 160 mph) rampaged and flooded port city of  Busan and coast of Seongwipo, Jeju Island, killed at least five people.  We were saddened by the awesome power of nature, and shared their grief, but, as human being with mixed feeling, felt blessed that we had left a week earlier; some praised God, others attributed to their prayers. Such contradiction are part of living, and uncertainties are sedated by some kind of belief, rather than none. I could not continue to write about our happy holiday in Korea, with pretence that nothing had happened. In fact I still had concern about those elderly female divers, though I had no opportunity to watch their diving skill.

Day 7 morning started with a heavy downpour. We could not climb Mount Hallasan, or visit the nearby waterfall. The ladies in the group suggested any nearby supermarket. I consented, but regretted that it’s real hard to trust these fair damsels in shopping. for there’s no time consciousness at all. Sure, the whole morning was spent inside the new haven, and we had lunch inside the building too. We were very apologetic that our drivers were still waiting outside the shopping complex without their meals; we gave them the bread we bought with some apology.

The rain had stopped after our lunch. The ground was soaked. We agreed to visit some art galleries; the first was closed on a weekday. The artists built their own private bungalows, with galleries, spread over a large compound.


The knife-cut noodle (kalguksu) was delicious, especially its tasty soup; we quickly snapped a picture of the adjacent table order: black bean paste, and it looked good too. We found the elderly lady was the only cook, cashier, attendant for her restaurant; she sold what she could make in her day, without any assistance. Our meal cost us 62000 won for all; fairly cheap by Korean cost of living.






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