Our taxi dropped us at the entrance of Emha Women’s University. A group of young girls were demonstrating at the gate. We asked what was it all about, but they could not understand a word we asked, nor replied a word in English, not even yes or no. I think there were at least ten women’s universities in South Korea.  Mary F. Scranton, an American Methodist , founded the university in 1886 and would be shocked to find her undergraduates were so poor in English. Emha was a private university, with an enrolment of 18,500 students in 2014, with at least 15 graduate schools and 67 departments, including medicine and engineering. The impressive building was the School of Engineering. Emha was supposed to have strong attraction for liberal arts. The campus was majestic, with good landscape, old buildings and old trees, and lots of slim, fair bodied damsels. The last was not the reason that my daughter planned to visit here. The location, Saedamun, was a higher end shopping centre, with lots of galleries and café. We saw lots of young students studying in these café, but majority was studying alone, rather than in group discussion or gossips.



Nightfall, energy depleted with lots of walking, we went for our famous ginseng chicken soup, with glutinous rice, ginseng wine, and vegetable pancake.

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