South Korea was cleaner than Singapore. There was hardly any visible dustbins and no fine, yet there was no littering even in alleys  of market places. Toilets are clean even in remote places.


The hired van waited for us at the hotel. It cost us KRW 300,000 , including driver and entrance fees for Gangchon Rail Park (KRW 4000 each). The city had strange traffic flow. We cross the same river thrice, zig-zag and u turned, before hitting the main road, and at a bridge underpass, a senior lady tried to squeeze into our lane, and scratched the paint work of the new van. It took them an hour to settle such a petty accident. Our first destination was Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, Gapyeong, located some 43 km from the city. Despite GPS, the driver had problem in finding an entry road to the park, and he drove through the same long tunnel twice. It was almost lunch hour when we arrived at the theme park. The entry fee was about 5000 KRW each. There were many colourful building and each building had a theme museum, such as, coffee, chocolate, cheese, wine making. There was a place named Interlaken; one would need powerful imagination to link that, with plastic birds and concrete sheep, and iconic love sign displayed everywhere for camera shots. What was impressive about the place was the majestic Korean countryside, with undulating green hills, otherwise it was not worthy of a visit.


Our next destination, Gangchon Rail Park, was exciting, and washed away part of the boredom of heat and travel. There were two sections of the Rail Ride. The first was the paddle ride, in twos or four in a carriage. It was exhilarating , and I felt as young as ever. We paddled along the old railway lines, crossing tunnels with pop music and lights. The track had great views of hills and river. (to continue)

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