The ladies like shopping, though they hardly buy anything, except food, fruits and some gifts items. We went to the shopping centre around 10 am, but the complexes would open at 11 am. Apples, peaches and grapes were very sweet and of superior quality. We bought two cartons to take home. I found a book department with English books, and read for an hour, with comfortable seat. I could not stand prolonged shopping, and I went on my visit nearby.  The futuristic duplex building caught my eyes for the last few days. It was a museum, exhibition centre, MRT and shopping centre. They were selling cultural, new design products in various fields, such as fashion etc.

Dinner time, we met at Maple Tree, which was located in a basement floor, which we could descend by stairs or lift. The service here were par excellent, and the boss or manager even personally brought one of our team members to a clinic and personally checked that the medicine given were right, for they were all written in Korean. The ventilation worked so well; the basement was not smoky at all.

It was our last night in Korea, and we decided to have a good meal. We ordered big prawns, beef, pork etc. We were all very contented, despite the bill was hefty 271,000 KRW. Each of us had to empty our pockets, including the shilling to foot the bill. Of course, we kept reserve for taxi and meals the following day. We saw, Mee Chan, Singapore BBQ pork just opposite, and there was no business at all.




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