Les Amis was affordable for lunch, S65 for two course, S90 for three course; dinner would be S 240, excluding wine. Once a while it was worthy to pamper ourselves, especially in time of rapid falling ringgit. You either spend it or it evaporated to pockets currency speculators. It’s a Michelin two stars; the stars might not made sense, if it’s not at par. The last trip I was a little disappointed, but the prestige was regained in my recent lunch. The décor, ambience and services were excellent, with chandeliers and collectors’ wall paintings; the wine collection (easily 4000 bottles of expensive good French red and white) was stored in their freezer at 4 degree C. I ordered a half bottle, priced at S20, recommended by the sommelier. It was an excellent wine for such a price, and balanced well with the food and cheese.

Les Amis have good reasons to boast its butter, Le Ponclet, the only restaurant in the region serving such high quality butter. The butter was really excellent, handmade from non pasteurised warm (fresh from the cows) milk, and cultured naturally before skimmed. We were told no preservative were added; the cattle were grazed on good grasses, with flowers and natural herbs in the fields. Their breads, soft and hard, matched well.

There was amuse dishes, hot and cold appetisers, main and desserts and excellent coffee. and cheeses. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.





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