Aura of heavenly bliss when pass by;

Yet miss the lure and noise of mundane sky.

Tall peaks pierce above sea of mist and clouds;

Rhythmic sound of river flow below shrouds.


Ancient pines watch the rise and set of sun;

Welcome visitors with tea and brush fun.

Inspire poets and artists to hone their skill;

Look up, down and beyond the awe and thrill.


Rocks and pine resemble many life forms;

Legends claim disbelievers change their norms.

Emperors receive mandate at the peak;

At summit chosen one hears heaven speak.


Many entry paths, joy for all seasons;

Nature gives sermon to relieve tensions.


I have visited Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in China once only. It is a UNESCO Heritage site. After looking at the beautiful pictures of Michael Lai, in RETIREEDIARY, I commented two lines in his blog, but had decided to turn that into a sonnet. Thanks to Michael for the inspiring pictures again.

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