take off before flight

excitement to seek sages

touch down for homage


arrived in the dark

tiring and confusing trip

hot haze to greet us


We arrived at Jinan, capital city of Shandong province, late at night. Shandong meaning east of Taihang Mountain) is a coastal city on the eastern part of China, located between Beijing and Shanghai, with a population of 98 million. It was the birth place of Confucius (Gufu), Mencius, Sun Pin and other military strategists, birth place of soccer, and the ancient kingdom of Qi.

We had twenty two people in our customised tour. It was more of a cultural and historical journey, rather than scenic or food. Our main purpose was to visit Tai San (mountain), visit Confucian home, temples and museum, Qi museum, and visit Zibo, and Qingdao new bridge. Our journey lasted 9 days and 8 nights, and were mainly family members.

A customised tour differs from a commercial tour. We specify our needs and wants on places, hotels, food and no shopping, and then pass it to an agency to draft out the itineraries, and we revised again, together with mutually agreed fares. In other words, the customers have more control over the tour.

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