leader deified

monarch pleaded at jade peak

mandate at foothills

destiny changes with time

great haven under heaven


We had dinner at Taierzhuan; the shop with lots of large over hanging paper lanterns,  with words depicting a rest place in Chinese. After dinner we spent a night at the Grand Barony Hotel at Zaozhuang. It was a five star hotel, but it’s shine was somewhat diminished over the years, judging by lack of maintenance. However the room was large clean and comfortable. After a good breakfast, the bus took us to Taian, a three and half hour drive. It was lunch hour, and we were driven to a Mao Restaurant. Promotion meals were displayed at the entrance, and was real cheap. On entry was a gold plated bust of Chairman Mao, with joss and urn. It inspired me to composed the above tanka after the trip. The restaurant was decorated with Mao’s poetry, calligraphy and quotation. The non-smoking sign with a picture of Mao above was amusing, as the Foundation Father was a heavy chained smoker.  Food at Mao Restaurant was fairly good, at least at par with the good image of the leader. He was widely respected by the Chinese people, for, without him, modern China would not be what it was today.  I asked the local guide to name me a great Chinese thinker in modern times, and she mentioned her revered Chairman Mao. Well, he was an original thinker, thinking outside the box, but he lacked experience in good governance. Another thinker, Teng, brought China into newer heights, with capitalism in a locality and then the economy spread nationally. Today President Xi brought China to even greater heights. Corruption has been pandemic in China over the dynasties, worsen as the economy arisen. How would China cope, if it’s president, vice presidents , governors, judges, generals, were all corrupt? It would need separation of power, check and balances, and a radical facilitative mind set change; not only for leaders, but also for the people in the street. It’s not an easy task, even America and the West were far from right. History would testify whether the current leaders could achieve this, and that would be the envy for the world.

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