Daily Archives: August 2, 2019



light through interstice

penetrate thick arching trees

trail is not thwarted

wordless terrain guide

vast horizon unhindered

measureless mind space

firm aspiration

poetry thread to weave wide

across rain forest


The trade war has turned into a divisive war, within and without; parties taking side in the divide. The mindless bulls are still charging; cognitive mind has turned spinal. Fancy a world of technology without poetry and the arts. Crossing a thick forest, the mind has to be alert, taking cognizance of the surroundings and terrain, whether day or night.  Whether, sun, moon or stars, light is always present above the sky, irrespective of the darkness below. One must at least be smart enough to take hints, and the worst blindness is in the hearts, not eyes. If years of education fail to brighten the sight or vision, it’s early pre dementia, and may as well be dead.

Many students like to make comparisons between selves, systems, models, or even city states, without knowing the categories and domains. The preferred or imagined is the best, but not knowing the virtue, and ignoring the vices. Even the frames and points of references are uncertain. Just like the protestants do not know what they are protesting about; imagined they are nearer to truth or nature. Democracy, freedom, justice, check and balances, all suffer from their own limitations. In a city state, I heard calls for more transparencies, but uncertain that the abstract could be made more concrete, other than on salaries, assets, positions and other declarations. Even if govern well, there are still oppositions, for the nature of the world is endless division and controversies. In Malaysia we are more contented, as long as we have a share of the loot. We have flower vases in the cabinet, promise-slogans (written in strange scripts) hanging on the walls, shouts of unfair autocracy and nepotism. You could be entertained in open houses on festive holidays, with free gifts and cash hidden within walls. And top up the fun with video shows. If the body and mind reside in such abode, there is no light to “glimpse through the interstice”, finding the lone spider in the promontory, not connected to the gossamer thread. ( Please read “A Glimpse”  & “A noiseless Patient Spider” by Walt Whitman)