Daily Archives: August 7, 2019



past social fault line

immerse in ethnic and race

imbibe, germinate

seeds of harmony

wide plural diversities

weave or flare fabric

groups within, without

seek self-justice in conflict

in wide diverse norms

take off coloured robe

diversified melting pot

tabooed salad bowl

tongue and taste differ

cultivate to enriched culture

flair for fusion food

innovate new needs

tribal drums out of tempo

invite disorder


The recent expanded Trade War between US and China, urban guerillas in Hong Kong, and the introduction of Jawi in Malaysian primary education have made us to rethink about diversities and multiculturalism. Is destabilizing another nation or culture part of American or western culture? Is political and racial dominance part of new Malaysian culture? Is social conflict in Hong Kong (in the flag of one nation, two system) causing a new “banana (yellow outside, white within) sub-culture”? I have no recipe; only offer food for thought. We need to be aware of disruption of disorderly conduct, for they destabilize family, community and nation, whether big nation or city states. I hope youngsters (Malaysians mainly) will ponder and wonder more on the issue. Tun Diam has warned that others were learning programming, codes and abstract mathematics in primary schools, we are still in the woods; not meeting modern needs. If Ph.D holders in the ministry hold such senile views, we might never get out of the wood, even with coconut power.