Daily Archives: August 30, 2019



taste of fragrant sea

spicy seafood simmer in

coconut water

salivating food

religion and politics

spike, spice and split spell

blame and bane on food

mind of crooked bridge stays  same

crippled legacy


Yesterday we drove to Kuala Selangor to buy some sea food and have our lunch there. The price there was not cheaper but the catch fresher. The tonyam was appetizing, and healthy. There were only four of us in the restaurant. The breeze brought the taste of the sea.  This place reminds me of my home island. Fancy in my childhood I used to play around opium dens and watched gambling on the streets.I would have drown in the river, had I not been rescued. My turning point in life changed when my father sent me to study in town. I was studying well, until secondary. Another turning point took me to Sydney to do my matriculation and entered a medical school.

I love traditional food of all culture. Whenever we return home from abroad, we will go straight for our own food, instead of western. In my school days, students of all races would sit on the same table to chat and drink with no concern about social and religious taboos. I returned from Australian to work in the East coast. Life has changed for the worst. We stay, hoping it will be better. The hope turns into despair. We could no longer sit with our old friends for a simple meal. Eventually, it is not the food, but the unholy place is blamed. We give up hope for any recovery.