cursory off-course


broken relate museum


in baroque palace


vain to miss visit


shared human heartache stories


infused in objects


more than failed romance


donated hurt mementoes


spill spilt up passion


new narratives heal


meaning meld or melt in muse


 drain out better dream



After listening to the local guide’s introduction of the churches, and government building, we had a passing glance at an old Imperial building. I was attracted by the sign board, “Museum of Broken Relationship”, not the 18th century Baroque.

The walls had glistening white paints, with displays of donated objects, with small print narratives. I read there was a restriction of less than a hundred departed loved items per exhibit, in order not to over flood the senses of hundred crowded visitors per day. I was a lone visitor to walk in that instant, and the pretty staff looked at me with a smile. I asked permission to snap some pictures, the book shelves, flags of T-shirts with slogans of “I love Broke Up”, and some mementoes. I must be too old to crack, but my classmate was courageous or crazy enough to marry a late 40’s at 73 years recently. Maybe it was companionship for him, but the Viagra will help to bond a little, and infertility will be God’s blessing. Human relationship are always very subtle, and even my old partner gets emotional, if I pry an eye or two at God’s other creations, from timeless past, fresher than current reality. “I grow old, I grow old; I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.” Well, Prufrock wasn’t clear whether the frock was rolled up or down!

Shared love-hate objects are loaded with emotion; treasured for the past, but hurt by perceived betrayal or mistrust. It takes time to part, to tease out the entangled knots out of the objects. These mementoes or cued recall are the cherished connections, reconstructed memorabilia or symbols, and more visible than emotion. The rage, jealousy, and all kinds of loss take meaning.  We are reborn in catharsis; internalize and displaced with a new coating. We are inventor of meaning. Even for those who seek new dignity and supremacy have to find their stories to justify. Scientifically we may progress by leaps and bound, but deep within us, we are still tribal. Be aware, even if you are President, Prime Minister or God’s messengers.  

“I’ve been getting the most intense workouts since I taped a picture of my ex on the heavy bag!”

P/S many thanks for the pictures and cartoons I have copied and pasted in this. There is no commercial gain for me. Many thanks also to co-founders and The Museum of Broken Relationship; you are the first to export such culture to the world.

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