mask to cover face

keep at distant social space

converse in cluster

Don't come close to us and wear a freakin' mask in public settings ...

more than two meters

awe to touch another soul

sealed lips to stop spread

Social Distancing Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

feelings are locked up

distracted by the disease

cut off breath and cash

It's OK to feel anxious.' How a professor in China faced ...

hefty fine and jail

restrict hours in house car porch

covid still supreme

Robin Esrock's Blog


With almost 2 million cases and 126 thousand dead globally, the US blame game against WHO and China is still unabated. With such mindset, the cases and mortality will rise further in US, with 25 thousand cases and 2400 death daily. The disease rages on, irrespective of the media propaganda against others.

In Malaysia, despite the strict MCO, we have reached 5000 cases and 82 dead, and will continue to rise above 6000, and hopefully it will be a halt, if the citizens comply with the orders as advised.  We cannot deny that the restrictions are causing personal and community hardship. In this run of haiku, I am using all the common words encountered to form a poem, sharing the hardship with all. My intention is never to alarm, but to alert readers. If we comply with all the recommendations by WHO, available to all, including Trump, then there’s no problem with wearing masks, social distancing, wash and sanitize, until all hell is over.

All the cartoons are copied and pasted from the web with appreciation.


  1. wonkywizard Post author

    Thank you for your concern.Today we have added 85 cases, but 169 patients recovered , with one dead senior. The US added 26465 cases with 2405 dead. Trump threatened to cut off WHO funding, but 75% pf WHO finances come from donation. True US donated the most for UN, but the contributed debt has been outstanding for years. Playing politics during global crisis will put US in bad international image as a world power. Well, I am not a political man to comment further.

  2. The Emu

    Excellent post, your words encapsulated the fallout from the virus perfectly. I believe we have a far more dangerous virus lying beneath the surface, and that is mental health, stress comes in many forms and will affect those whose health is not the best in normal times, mental stress will affect everyone from every walk of life, irrespective of status.

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thank you Emu for your comment. The emotional, mental and spiritual breakdown caused by Covid 19, would be extensive, even after the pandemic ends. The psychological impact on Europeans, British and Americans would be much greater due to higher cases and mortality in such short time. Even the US President and Secretary of State are very confused and disorientated. Trump thought more Chinese should die, due to China’s higher population. The pandemic erupts in Wuhan (11 million ), the capital o Hubei (59 million) province. Even if the Chinese were to die in millions, how would that help America reduce its mortality rate? The President himself is showing severe distress, not conductive in pandemic control.

      1. The Emu

        Agree with all your observations my friend, the deaths of millions of Chinese does not equate to the losses in other country’s, the mortality rate can only be monitored by each country under their various control measures, however I don’t agree in opening the borders immediately one country, such as China claims they have the virus under control. Best wishes for a relaxing weekend.

      2. wonkywizard Post author

        Wuhan was sealed on 23rd Jan 2020 for 76 days. The disease probably started in December 2019, or earlier. At that time US had a “flu” outbreak, since tests were not done, it was uncertain whether it started in US first. It is meaningless to shift the blame. Covid novel 19, is a new or novel disease, and no one then knew then what exactly it was, and how tor handle it. It must be reminded that this was near and during Chinese festive seasons, with vast migration of people. At that time Western countries were aghast at the lockdown, and accused China for human rights violation. US even flew its citizen back, I think, without tests and quarantine. The control was unlocked gradually. Many sudden death at home (1290 cases) were unaccounted for then (the diagnosis were uncertain) and later added to the list of mortality. Again, Westerners liked to look at it with their coloured spectacles. How does that helped them to cope with the pandemic. Isnt’s 76 days of lockdown sufficient for them to get prepared, but they think it is a Chinese disease. Yes, China has the virus under control, but it is not over yet, if one follows the news. Thank you for you comment. We are a small nation, and we abide by WHO guidelines well.

      3. The Emu

        Just my thoughts Wonky wizard but to the Western world it appears that WHO is a puppet of China, maybe Trump can see that and that is why he has withdrawn financial backing to WHO, I think many other countries are seeing a bigger and sinister picture behind WHO backing China, just my thoughts mate.

      4. wonkywizard Post author

        Thank Emu. If you have time, please read The Guardian on 18th April, 2020: “How did Britain get its coronavirus response so wrong?”by Toby Helm et al. You will learn UK , and the West and Australia, are already well aware of WHO warning, but they are preoccupied with their political agenda. And, if you visit WHO web page, you can check that the main financial donors are not the US government, but individuals, such as Bill Gates, or other organisations. US has yet to pay its 2019 contribution to UN (not WHO directly). Most people don’t read, including Trump, and he won’t listen to his experts around, such as Antony Fauci. Assuming that the blame is true, US. UK and Europe have coped badly in the pandemic, and they do not have the guts to admit to their citizens, so finding a scapegoat is easier, the historical yellow peril as in old habits of thought. I was trained in Australia, and fortunately my old teachers were excellent. Thanks again for your interest.

      5. The Emu

        Interesting points in your comment mate, I will try to locate that particular Guardian issue, one interesting point you made that seems to fuel the conspirators is the fact that Bill Gates is a major contributor to WHO, one has to wonder why until they realise he has vast amounts of money invested in his research labs and pharmaceutical companies, easy to assume he has the capability to create a virus and also cure a virus, much like the conspirators believe China has done, another thought of mine is this, if the UN and WHO wanted to microchip every individual in pursuit of The New World Order, the easiest way is by Fear, Fear via a Pandemic with a vaccine the only cure, technology has advanced to the extent that maybe a single droplet in a vaccine could hold a microscopic microchip, the end result everybody micro chipped through fear……I’m getting a bit carried away here with my thoughts I think….or am I ?

    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thanks to Captain Lim for your support. I am glad you like the u tube by Kishore Mahbubani:, “The World After Corona Virus” and his many other talks.

  3. wonkywizard Post author

    My old pc has crushed due to contamination by viruses. All non essential services are closed by the lockdown. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

  4. wonkywizard Post author

    Malaysian Haiku/Senryu Echoes 545: Witch hunt World

    computer crashed by
    covid contamination
    blame it on China

    witch hunt woo world wide
    twenty serotypes spread
    unrepentant sins

    vice on other cheek
    hate droplets never heal wound
    love left at the gate

    My pc has crashed by virus contamination. In the lockdown, no IT shops are available for repair, or to buy a new one. Luckily the hand phone come to rescue. At my age, the hardest to learn is updated modern technology. I wonder how to transfer all I have written to my blog. There is no login button seen in hp. At best, I could only post it as a reply. There is poetry and hope everywhere.


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