Malaysian Haiku/Senryu Echoes 548: Fake Facade

scarry scattered sects

well infected walk pass by

fatal encounter

the young recovered

old rest in hospital beds

double as coffin

none is intended

human rights play free fair game

fake facade falls flat


Our lockup is extended for a further four weeks, but with more freedom of movement. In my neighborhood, scattered groups of infected construction workers were detected; they were asymptomatic or pre symptomatic. Most of them would recovered well. However, these well infected have roamed the streets and malls nearby, endangering the seniors who live nearby, who need to come out to get their food and groceries. Well meaning volunteers visit many houses with food and cash, risking their lives too. Good if bad, the world is so connected, that only politicians find time and issues to moralise them, by blaming one group against another. Yet they put on a facade of superheroes to face the world.

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