one system for two

haunt of independence hope

delude by wet dream

One Country, One System - Palisades Hudson Financial Group

seeds feed on wet rolls

beanstalks grow high to heaven

weak cultural root

Image result for seeds on toilet rolls beanstal

magical thinking

Jack descend to liberate

No rainbows in clouds

Image result for jack and the beanstalk story


Recently China announces that Hong Kong will have one nation under one system, like all other places in the country. For over a year, probably a third of residents there protested about two systems and with demands, amounting to Independence. They dislike the two system or one or whatever under CPC. This is an impossible dream to cede away from central government. No country in the world allows separation. Even United Kingdom is under threat of breaking up.

Hong Kong varsities have high ranking status academically, but the outcome of these clogged up brains is good enough for the drains. They not only fail to understand their own cultural roots and history. They also fail miserably in understanding the West, especially American freedom and democracy. They are a weird hybrid, infested with magical thinking.

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