price and prize as king

thorny fruits in horny hands

beholders’ senses

Durian Types Malaysia | Famous Durian D24 Sultan Musang King

when durians fall;

sarongs are all pawned.

lust shadows grow tall;

lights on, they are donned.

Pawn Your Sarung For Durian " : The Malay Crave For Durians - YouTube

over powering

desirous or disgusting

taste is too pungent

Tewang Rangkang | Jokar Photography blog

craft durian ale

pre-biotic infused beer

offensive let go

Durian and beer turned into healthy probiotic booze by Philippine ...

when windows are wide opened;

bond of front door is broken.

aphrodisiacs dismiss;

temperance in food is bliss.

Four Seasons Durians Singapore - Durian Pastry Bakery - SHOPSinSG


Durian (Malay: duri means thorn; an is suffix) season is on. All the three main races of Malaysia like durian generally. This should be recognized as a “national” fruit.  There are no prohibitions, except over consumption. Durian, with high calorie and carbohydrate, is not recommended for diabetes (20% incidence in the nation and is on the rise), but one or two seeds are not harmful at all. It should not be taken with alcohol, even though there is no death-intoxication. The burping and farting are ferocious and embarrassing. The fruit is not allowed in the plane.

All the pictures are copied and pasted from the web.

I have attempted a new style of writing: one or two stanzas of haiku/senryu follow by four lines of free verses with end rhyme, as commentaries.

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