filial French dine

fine enriched flavour, haute

measure in right place

half peg of whisky

aroma and sip sedates

knock out in dreamland


Due to the full lockdown for many weeks, my daughter in Singapore thought we might be bored with the same food here. She ordered two sets of three-course meals with delivery from Kuala Lumpur to my condominium. It cost her S80, cheap by Singapore standard. Good for Malaysia to earn some minimal foreign exchange, for business here, especially restaurants, are almost dead. We appreciate her filial sentiment, but the concept of delivery of fine cuisine is not right. Fine dinning requires more than just serving meals. The ambience, art of presentation, culinary weaponry, and warm meals are as important. However, in a pandemic, it is the best offer, for the world has no perfection.

Instead of having wine to match the food, we sipped whisky neat. For all the horrible Japanese images in history, its whisky is among the best. I hope people who drink whisky will have double or triple distillation of their mind; President Trump is not included, for being mindless, and the Japanese have yet to learn about fine cuisine, when the radiated waters are poured into the ocean.

For Malaysians who have problems in spelling , such as flavor or flavour, a quick way to remind you is the Americans have no u (you) at all. They are blinded by supremacy at all cost.

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