dead busy whole day

unaware the mind has died

the pain revives it

Entree Kibbles: Kampong Bukit Coffee Chinese Cemetery @ Pulau Ubin  [Singapore]

moan over heaped mound

wail vain to wake up the dead

cries stir up living


I have been busy in the last few days over some trivial, and forget a lot of other things. The Chinese word for busy is “mang”, the word is formed by two radicals. The red radical on the left means the heart or mind; the black print on the right means death. It reminds me , if one is too busy, and becomes unaware, the mind is dead, or insensitive, or as good as dead. The travail of living jolts us back to life. We still need to face the pandemic, whatever the figures.

Chinese characters are pictographic; you can picture a dead mind or heart. It is good to use the word as an object for contemplation.

In Malaysia, the infected are still around five to six thousand, mostly the younger age group. However the dead are mainly the seniors. Whatever the young does, they impact their seniors, and the children at home. Best for them to keep their SOP, as advised.

The word and picture are copied from the web with appreciation. It is not disrespect to the dead.

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