elevated loop

step in shade of giant trees

stand tall for nation

serenity stroll

stress break from insanity

nature in good hands


Recently the infected people has soared to 20K +in Malaysia , an d Singapore fared no better at 10K +, but with more death in the former nation. The air tickets are expensive, and the risks of traveling are high. Since we have shifted to a condominium unit back home, it is safer for us to stay at Singapore, with more space and safety for us.

Yesterday we wore our N 95 for a two hour boardwalk at a more isolated section of Singapore Botanical Garden. The crowd peaks at weekdays , and not on a Sunday early morning. Scattered sunlight filtered through the thick foliage provides good ambience for a refreshing and serene stroll. Poets called it “windfall light”, “shivelight”, “shafts of delicious light”, or “God’s light” (for the religious minded). It is NOT the word described, but the feeling of elation and peace, in a chaotic world bombarded with covid 19 everywhere, and has no safe place to hide. An hour or two of relaxed walk in a park is a great escape in such turbulence – a change in a changing world.

In ex or post colonial nations, with exceptions of few anglophile countries, not many have done well in the pandemic (or endemic, if one feels better with the term). Outside the cool shade of towering giant heritage trees, I see my own shadow tails me from all all directions, appearing and disappearing without any mark.

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