With pomp, political power return;

Mob cannot discern, cash backs perk concern.

Money hand around, legacy pass down;

Top-down are clowns, cheats outside town renown.

Drown in choppy waves, mindset choke in grave;

Misbehaviour worldwide, liberty rave.

In West, history ends, in East rises;

Level playing ground, crisis in surprise.

Risk of Tyranny, blinker by conceit;

Malarkey think tank, block septic deceit.

Paradigm changes, mindset fall behind;

Global faces align, but not refine.

Sanction halt on war, fight sore to the core;

Blood at every door, tears drift to your shore.


US, UK and Europe donate weapons of mass destruction to Ukraine to fight against the Russian military. It is unfortunate for Ukrainians that their country is chosen as a battlefield for proxy war, due to cognitive lack of its popular leaders. All these missiles are symbols of phallic power; the word reminded me of higher testosterone level of the West, hormone of prowess and aggression, in unbalanced dosages. The caudal spinal overtakes the prefrontal cortex, so to speak. Or, to the Chinese, over dominance of Yang, without the Yin to soften it. That is free choice in a democracy.

In the peak of pandemic we have a state by election. The deposed party regained power, due to poor voter turn out. Credit goes to ex PM, who managed the election so well for his party, though unable to govern the nation. He gained endearment (bossku) from his voters and party. We need to look at the meaning of demo (mob or enlightened people) and cracy (voting), when there is much gerrymandering with racial twists. It was alleged the money incentives were given in times of hardship.The West use similar tactics in their coloured revolutions everywhere. The democracy is replaced by oligarchical plutocracy.

Again, I am not a politician, but I like to narrate the event in poetry, based on what I have read from daily papers, books, forwarded mails etc. Even the word, malarkey, was learned from US representative when asked about US bio lab in Ukraine. The root word also implied masturbations, not well selected in diplomacy. Not many Asians are convinced by that statement. If we harboured such shared delusion, then we paved the road for tyranny.

The pictures are all copied and pasted from the web , with appreciation to their owners.

2 thoughts on “SONNET 29: PHALLIC POWER

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    1. wonkywizard Post author

      Thanks Crackpot for flight of ideas, skirting in craze, yet connecting the unconnected in a wacky world, full of pot, violence,, power …we the insane musing to find sane simplicity in living, if there is one. Nothing is lost, if there is no expectation of gain… Good to be aware that there is a comment to respond. Thank you again for visiting.


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